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Sleeves Ensure Energy Drinks Stay On Target

Submitted by on June 30, 2010 – 13:59No Comment


* Eye-catching sleeves from CCL Decorative Sleeves are playing a key role in the marketing and brand positioning of the Target Energy Shots range of drinks.

Target Energy Shots are a premium low calorie energy drink containing no carbohydrates or sugar.  In addition to the original version, there are variants for specific consumers – Gorgeous (for females), Sport, and Urban (for teenagers).

In addition, special editions have been introduced for particular occasions or events, such as Target Fuel, which marked the launch of a new computer game of the same name, and 1066 to celebrate the World Cup, with a drink endorsed by the 1966 winners.

Eye-catching sleeves from CCL Decorative Sleeves are playing a key role in the marketing and brand positioning of the Target Energy Shots range of drinks.

“The sleeves play a vital role in creating the right image for each drink,” explains Sales and Marketing Director Chris Onslow.  “As the name implies, the range is all about directly targeting different consumer groups with an energy drink created especially for them.  We are using the same bottle, so it is through the sleeve that we are able to convey this message and create a totally unique concept each time – the contrast between Gorgeous and Urban or Fuel couldn’t be more marked, for example.”

The sleeves are UV Flexo printed in up to eight colours on 50mym PVC.  The all over coverage provides ample space for the strong colours and eye-catching graphics that create the individual identity for each brand.  The use of a shrink sleeve also maximises the surface area available for both decoration and the requisite consumer information.  In addition, for consumer reassurance and product safety, the sleeve incorporates a tamper-evident feature.

CCL Decorative Sleeves provided full technical support at the start of the project, including the sourcing of sleeving equipment and the establishment of two sleeving lines for on-site application.

“This is a very competitive market so maintaining product image and reinforcing a quality premium position is vital to encourage trial and generate repeat purchases in order to maintain and grow market share,” concludes Chris Onslow.  “Packaging has a vital role to play in this and the sleeves from CCL Decorative Sleeves are critical to ensuring we reach our target audiences.

“We have also been delighted the high level of customer service and support that the company provides.”

Sales Enquiries:

Jon Cowan, CCL Decorative Sleeves, Rollesby Road, Hardwick Industrial Estate, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE30 4LS; Tel: +44 (0) 1553 769319 – Fax +44 (0) 1553 767097

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